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First BuyOut by CoinJanitor

CoinJanitor Completes Its First Buyout of Another Cryptocurrency CoinJanitor, the first project in the space to suggest a method to unlock value in deadcoins and recycle it, has completed its first buyout.  After months of intense negotiations with several different deadcoin developers, CoinJanitor’s team has struck a deal to acquire Globycoin. A CoinJanitor community member played a key role in e...[Read More]

KIN Token Review. KIK Messenger Token

KIN token is a digital token of the popular platform KIK messenger. This mobile application (available for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone) allows users to safely exchange notifications. Intermediaries such as banks, payment systems are excluded. Anonymity KIK Messenger ensured the absence of accession to the phone number (just specify the email.) KIK Messenger KIK’s main competitors are...[Read More]

XRP Price Rising: Why XRP Will Grow In The Coming Month?

XRP price rising this week. Main reasons Ripple’s coin is on the move The XRP price jumped once again on the Friday and exceeded $ 0.62, although in the morning it was at $ 0.36. The market cap of the token for 24 hours increased by $10 billion, to $24 billion. XRP Price Rising. Ripple’ position XRP price has grown over the past week by more than 70% against the backdrop of positive news. Ac...[Read More]

Yahoo Finance Integrates Cryptocurrency Trading

Yahoo Finance integrates cryptocurrency trading on its platform. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The service also displays statistics on other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and EOS, but they are not currently available for trading. While checking the latest price data of these coins, Yahoo traders now see “Buy” and “Sell” buttons. The service is av...[Read More]

“Wolf of Wall Street” Predicts Bitcoin Disaster

“Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, continues to criticize cryptocurrency and predicts Bitcoin Disaster. The head of now defunct brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont, Jordan Belfort, whose story was depicted in cult movie The Wolf of Wall Street, is convinced that retail cryptocurrency investors are brainwashed and in the near future they can lose a lot. He warned bitcoin investors about what they c...[Read More]

Atlas Quantum Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Suffers Hacker Attack

The Atlas Quantum cryptocurrency investment platform was hacked and all the data of all users was stolen. As reported by Have I Been Pwned, the leak affected 261 thousand users. The names of customers, their phone numbers, email addresses and balances became available to the hackers. On Sunday, August 26, Atlas Quantum officially confirmed the hacking and reported the investigation of the incident...[Read More]

Bobby Lee Bitcoin Prediction: Bitcoin Will Reach $ 60.000

Bobby Lee bitcoin prediction: Bitcoin price will reach $ 60.000. While the Chinese authorities again and again prohibit cryptocurrencies, and American regulators refuse to give green light to cryptocurrency ETFs, some well-known participants of cryptocurrency market continue to claim that by 2020 Bitcoin price can reach the level of $ 60,000. Bobby Lee Bitcoin Prediction Co-founder and former CEO ...[Read More]

Judge Denies to Move Lawsuit Against Ripple to Lower Court

The Northern District Court of California rejected a class action lawsuit against Ripple Labs Inc. filed by investor Ryan Coffey. Judge Denies to Move Lawsuit Against Ripple to Lower Court Ryan Coffey files lawsuit against Ripple on behalf of everyone who bought XRP tokens after January 1, 2013. The company was accused of illegally manipulating the XRP price. Coffey noted that Ripple Labs constant...[Read More]

Coinbase Lists Ethereum Classic On August 7

Coinbase lists Ethereum Classic on August 7, the official blog states. The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced final stages of testing support for Ethereum Classic, which should be completed before August 7. After that, trading platforms Coinbase Prime and Coinbase Pro will start accepting ETC deposits. Coinbase Lists Ethereum Classic The initial acceptance of deposits will last fr...[Read More]

Crypto Exchange Binance Acquires Trust Wallet

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Acquires Trust Wallet, mobile crypto wallet, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, made its first public acquisition and bought third-party company Trust Wallet, intending to provide its customers more control over their assets. Launched in 2017, Trust Wallet is U.S company which developed an open source, anonymous, and ...[Read More]

Pantera Capital Predicts Bitcoin Price $67500 In 2019

The investment company Pantera Capital predicts Bitcoin price in the next two years. The company also shared data on its income for the past five years, according to her blog. The cryptocurrency investment firm Pantera Capital reported that in the five years since the company was founded, its total profit amounted to more than 10 000%. It’s no surprise that CEO of Pantera Capital Dan Morehea...[Read More]

Novogratz’s Crypto Bank Galaxy Digital LP Starts Trading Aug. 1 on Canadian Exchange

Cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital LP will launch trading on the Canadian exchange TSX Venture Exchange on August 1, Bloomberg reports July 30. Crypto Bank Galaxy Digital LP Starts Trading on Canadian Exchange The listing proceeding on the Toronto Stock Exchange took eight months, for a variety of reasons, including a lack of a confirmed statement of financial position over the past 2 years. For t...[Read More]

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