Blockchain International Show London

Blockchain International Show London: the largest cryptocurrency event in Europe.
It is a two-day event dedicated to a blockchain industry and it will be held on 6-7 June 2018 in London.


Two days of experts’ presentations and major corporations’ developments;
60 speakers from all over the world;
100 exhibitors;
2000 participants.
High-class specialists from around the world will provide their presentations, turning the event into a two-day journey full of amazing discoveries. Speakers will report on current topics related to technology in general and industry features. Interactive panel discussions based on practical cases will provide real solutions for the implementation of the technology and explain how to develop communities and profitable cooperation in blockchain industry. You will find out which industries can get the most benefit from the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Leading brands will offer their latest developments and innovative ideas for a wide audience in the exhibition area.


Sally Eaves – Emergent Technology CTO, Global Strategy Advisor – FinTech, Blockchain AI, Forbes Technology Council;
Michael Mainelli – Executive Chairman at Z/Yen Group;
Spiros Margaris – Influencer and Venture Capitalist, Senior Advisor at Arbidex;
Iman Multaq – CEO at Sigma Investments;
Kambiz Djafari – CEO and Co-Founder at;
Jan Sammut – CEO at RefToken & Blockchain & cryptocurrency investor and ICO advisor;
Jimmy Nguyen – Chief Executive Officer, nChain Group;
Bogdan Malesa – Founder of Universal Crypto;
Arnab Naskar – CEO SICOS (LUX) S.C.S.;
Lex Sokolin – Global Director Fintech Strategy & Partner at Autonomous Research;
Richard Kastelein – Co-Founder at Cryptoassets Design Group.
Who will enjoy the event?
Entrepreneurs, investors, ICO founders, CEO and everyone who are interested in blockchain and innovation.

Why to visit Blockchain International Show London?

· Interaction: the speakers will answer any of your questions related to the industry, and exhibitors will tell you everything about the product, technology, or service that will be used in everyday life in the near future;

· Important links: you can meet potential partners, customers, investors, employees and employers, and many like-minded people;

· Presentation and advertising of your product: the exhibition will give you an opportunity to present your innovative idea to the audience, get feedback, and declare yourself as the industry leader;

· New business opportunities: among the participants you will meet authority representatives, service providers and platforms, operators, investors, data processing professionals, business analysts, and venture investors with whom you can work together in the future.

Visit the largest cryptocurrency event in Europe Blockchain International Show London and create your future together with the blockchain!

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