BTCC Launches New Exchange Platform in June

BTCC launches new exchange platform in June.
The oldest cryptocurrency exchange BTCC announced the forthcoming launch of the updated trading platform. But at the moment the exact date of return is not set, there is only an assumption that this will happen next month.

BTCC Launches New Exchange Platform

According to the BTCC Exchange, before the launch, the platform primarily focused on such key aspects as increased liquidity, faster confirmation of deposits and withdrawal of funds, as well as small spreads between bids for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.
The company noted:
“In terms of technical developments, our exchange will utilize a multi-tier, multi-clustered system with an optimized, high-speed memory trading engine. So, you can make the trades you want on a cutting-edge system”.

It is known that at the initial stage traders will be able to trade with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and USD, but in the future other pairs will be added. In addition, which is quite important, in the first three months BTCC Exchange is introducing zero trading fees.
BTCC Exchange will offer traders cold storage of digital funds, if there is no change.


Currently, BTCC has branches in Hong Kong and London. It is still unknown in what jurisdiction the new platform will be registered.

The company BTCC was bought by an unknown investment fund from Hong Kong earlier this year. Then it announced that the received funds would help BTCC to enter international markets.

After the closure of the main trading cryptocurrency platform, BTCC has refocused its business to cryptocurrency mining. The company also launched a BTCC Mobi cryptocurrency wallet.

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