Coinbase Lists New Coins. Exchange Probably Adds ADA, BAT, ZEC, ZRX & XLM

Coinbase lists new coins, according to announcement in Twitter.
Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, that let customers to buy and sell 4 cryptocurrencies, expressed the plans to add new coins – ADA, BAT, ZEC, ZRX and XLM.

As stressed in the official statement, the company also informed all its employees and the general public about the possible listing of the above-mentioned digital currencies. This was to ensure maximum transparency of the process.
Nevertheless, the very fact of such an announcement looks very unusual.

“Unlike the ongoing process of adding Ethereum Classic, which is technically very similar to Ethereum, these assets will require additional exploratory work and we cannot guarantee they will be listed for trading.”
It is also noted that listing can take place only with partial support or only in certain jurisdictions. For example, some of the listed assets may become available first in other countries, and only then in the US. Some coins may become available for trading, but without the possibility of making deposits and withdrawals using Coinbase’s internal wallet.

Some additional restrictions can be set for Zcash. Coinbase will allow transferring this anonymous cryptocurrency only from transparent addresses.
Previously, Coinbase listing of Ethereum Classic and ERC-20 tokens, confirming that it is doing the necessary work to add them.

In the meantime, crypto exchange Kraken is trolling the Coinbase’ announcement. In the last tweet, Kraken writes that it thinks about starting to consider the possibility of adding more than 1600 new coins. The list of these coins can be found on CoinMarketCap.
Nevertheless, the information that Coinbase lists had a positive impact on the price. All coins rapidly rose in price. Currently, there is a certain correction. However, against the background of the general negative background on the crypto market, the growth of these five coins is quite remarkable.

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