Cryptocurrency Update: Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Have Risen In Price by Almost 20%

Cryptocurrency Update: On Friday, April 20, cryptocurrency market continues to recover, despite the lack of positive news. At the time of writing, almost all cryptocurrencies from the first hundred go up. Total market cap increased by $26.7 billion to $373.6 billion.
Over the past days, the bitcoin rate has risen by 4% and now trades at $8840. Capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency – $150 billion.
The top growth leader among the top 10 was the Ripple (XRP). During the Friday, it went up by 18.71% and approached the $1 mark. Currently it trades at the level of $ 0.86.

On Friday, Bitcoin cash grew in price by 15% and now its rate is $1165. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency is almost reached $20 billion.
EOS, IOTA and ETH are also showing good dynamics. These cryptocurrencies went up by 14%, 14% and 9% respectively.
It is already possible to say with confidence that, to date, happy days for crypto investors have finally come. It will be extremely interesting to observe further developments and how long this growth will be able to last.

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