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If you landed to this page, it means that you’re looking to start a new casino business or maybe interested to change your casino platform to more powerful gaming platform.

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How to do business with Crypto casino White Label companies

Introduction to Casino White label business

We assume you have basic understanding about casino white labels. However a super quick intro can be found below. Keep in mind the most important message of this article is keeping you safe and not allowing any white label software provider to cheat you!

What’s a crypto casino white label?

Casino White label is a ready for operations casino product. It includes a full operation site, packed with games providers and payment methods, including bitcoin and other crypto coins.

Signing for a casino white label

Signing for a casino white label is not an easy process. Besides money for investment it requires deep industry knowledge and attention to details during signing a contract with a white label casino provider.

⚠️ Warning! Don’t trust those white label providers companies who make you think all is simple. They practically say: all it is required is purchase a domain name(casino name) and obviously pay in advance the white label setup fee.

These white label companies’ main idea is selling as much as they can, of course selling setup fees. How to avoid such companies requires a bit of research work : all you need to do is pull historically all the casinos launched by the relevant white label provider, and run a check up if the casino is alive or closed. At the end you will have a perfect picture about the white label provider.

Casino white label setup

The setup fees for a Casino White label start with 10K EUR and can get as high as 75K EUR. A good price for a white label is between 15k-20k. A standard business developer or consultant can get you such white label deal. If you can’t get a good deal message here our expert, we have special agreements under very good conditions.

Casino white label fraud

Sometimes White label providers who sell for “cheap” can use in their advantage the fact the client is a beginner and push you to pay triple the price, by adding you range of services and non-useful gaming sections and widgets.

Guide before signing a contract with a white label provider

The classic White label Casino process is structured between 2 entities : 1 potential operator and 2. the White label provider. In 2020 this classic model is not working, you have to have an expert who can protect your interest and rights, who will advise you what to take, and find all the details before signing the contract with the Casino Platform provider. Such an expert can cost you between 1k – 3k.
What are the key subject during the process before signing a white label casino:
✔️ Check on Internet forums for testimonials and feedback from other buyers about the platform. ( this will give you a bigger picture of the company you want to start dealing with, and you will avoid future unpleasant situations ).
✔️ Read the contract from A to Z, including small letters, propose your own version of contract.
✔️ Read the commercial terms carefully
✔️ Pay attention to the setup fee , by default you can remove x % from the price during signing ( consult with us for details )
✔️ Pay attention to game providers rates, you can remove x % from the proposal. ( consult with us for details )
✔️ Same for platform providers , but here you can go x % down from the price. ( consult with us for details )
✔️ If the white label providers own a game studio, put them down close to x% , since in reality there is no cost for the white label provider for in-house games. ( consult with us for details )
✔️ Never take any other services, such as consulting, support, affiliation, legal, or financial from the white label Provider. You want to have control on your business, and if you take from the white label provider all these services, you end-up controlled internally and externally solo by the white label provider ,and fully under your cost. You don’t want to be in such a situation.
✔️ If you have the ability to set the casino under your own license and not group license. Why not? A group license is dangerous from 2 points of view, if any of the operators under the same white label umbrella have legal issues or any other dangerous reputation your project will be dragged down together with the guilty operator, and the consequences can be huge. If not, and you still want to go for the joint license worth adding a paragraph in the contract – protection in case of damage from the white label provider.
✔️ Read carefully the termination terms
✔️ Remove any min payment guarantee per month. ( yes, it is possible )

madeIncrypto Consulting

We at madeIncrypto will advice you what white label to select, all available options, advantages and disadvantages of the white label provider, will intro you to the white label provider and assist during all process- till you as a client get best deal. We will advice you what operational services to pick for your future casino.

We can guarantee you best price package including recruiting and ongoing advisory. If you interested in this service select “Consulting” on the White label form (above) and we will contact you back with-in 24 h.

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