Cryptocurrency Market Falling After Recent Rise

Cryptocurrency market falling after the recent rise. There is still no stability on cryptocurrency market. Last weekend, most of the coins continued to fall.
The news that South Korea will not regulate and ban the crypto trading has had a positive effect on the price dynamics. However, the effect was short-lived.  As of January 14, only three coins from the top twenty were in the green.
Market cap, in turn, can not restore the indicators and dynamics that were shown before the serious fall of January 11.

Speaking of Ripple (XRP), which increased by 18% on January 12, it fell by 10% on the weekend. XRP exchange rate had markedly increased after the Ripple had announced new partnership with MoneyGram on Jan. 11., what we meant before. However, then there was a correction after the message of the official comment MoneyGram that Ripple will be used only in the pilot internal program of the company:

Replying to @lynchie51588 and 5 others
That Ripple’s article is explicitly trying to make it seem as if MoneyGram is going to use XRP for more than a test. Ripple is known for this for years now. They pay a company like MoneyGram to do a ‘test’, but they’re really just buying marketing material to pump their XRP.

Hello, This is a pilot program being tested on internal MoneyGram International processes and is not intended for consumer use.
1:41 AM – Jan 12, 2018

In early December IOTA had a similar drop, when it became known that Microsoft was not officially their partner (as announced in the IOTA blog).
Tron (TRX) has seen about 18% falling over 24 hours, selling for about $0.07.

At the same time, there are some giant coins that, despite all the difficulties, show growth on the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has shown us a growth, up 17 percent and selling for $42.08 at present time.
Here, we cannot fail to note Ethereum, NEO and EOS. By the end of trading for the last 7 days, their value increased by 13%, 61% and 44% respectively.
The bitcoin, in turn, can not finally “recover” and the market remains unstable. Despite the fact that over the past 24 hours its price has not changed much, but following the results of the week the cost decreased slightly by more than 12%.

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