New Bitcoin Bet. Expert Bets $8.5 Million That Bitcoin Price Will Reach $280,000

Although the bitcoin price in recent days is hardly encouraging, one crypto bull still believes in the success of the leading cryptocurrency and makes Bitcoin bet.

Bitcoin Bet

Australian expert, wishing to remain anonymous, put a bet that by 2023 Bitcoin price will reach 8.5 million Australian dollars ($ 6.27 million).
Tom Waterhouse, one of the leaders of the Australian bookmaker industry,
told about an unusual bet in his Twitter.

“Big Bet: Well known Crypto expert has just requested a bet of $8.5m AUD to win $1.2bn that a Bitcoin will exceed the price of a Berkshire Hathaway share (c.$280k) by 2023. Have put him in touch with large syndicate – hope he can get set!”
At the moment, there is a huge price gap between the bitcoin price and the Berkshire Hathaway shares, as the latter are traded at $ 288.481 each, which is 45 times higher than the bitcoin price.
The bet is that the bitcoin price will exceed the price of one share of the holding company Berkshire Hathaway in the amount of $ 280 thousand per unit. The expert is very optimistic. If his bet wins , he will get 1.2 billion in the same currency.

According to Waterhouse, he already linked the person wishing to make a bet with one of the major syndicates and hopes that they will decide everything.
Some users suggested in Twitter, that, perhaps, the best solution would be simply to purchase bitcoin and get a good profit in 2023.

Previous Bitcoin Bet

We remind, that this is not the first Bitcoin bet. So, the founder of MGT Capital Investments and the creator of the McAfee Security antivirus John McAfee, promised that if bitcoin price does not reach $ 500.000 by 2020, he will cut and eat his own penis. And then he doubled that amount.

High volatility of bitcoin does not undermine the faith of the bitcoin-optimists. Today it became known about the new positive forecast for Bitcoin price. CEO TenX, Julian Hosp said that bitcoin will reach $ 60,000 by year-end.

“Back then, December, price was at $20,000 all-time high. I predicted for 2018, we’re going to see $5,000 and $60,000. So $5,000, we’ve pretty much hit it, so let’s see if we can do the $60,000. I’m still quite confident,” he said.

However, the first cryptocurrency is not rising now. At the time of writing, bitcoin price showed a daily decline of 3.5 %. Currently bitcoin trades at a price of $ 6,199. All the top twenty cryptocurrencies are in red zone. The average daily drop is 3-10%.

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