OKEx CEO Resigns To “Start New Life”

OKEx CEO resigns, Bloomberg reported
CEO of one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges OKEx Chris Lee unexpectedly has resigned from his post.
Lee’s resignation took place at a time when the exchange began a large-scale international expansion and became the leader in daily trading volumes.

OKEx CEO resigns

In an email to Bloomberg, the exchange’s unnamed spokeswoman said that Chris Lee has resigned his post for personal reasons, including the desire to “start a new life.”
Spokeswoman added that Lee wants to take a break, relax from professional life and spend more time with his family, and then return to the blockchain industry.
At the moment, OKEx has not yet announced who will replace Chris Lee in this position.

About OKEx

Earlier the OKEx exchange was based in mainland China, where it operated under the name OKCoin and was one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. Under pressure from the Chinese authorities, the exchange subsequently moved to Hong Kong and continued to operate under a new name.
Over the past day, the volume of trade transactions on cryptocurrency exchange has exceeded $ 2.1 billion. It is higher than the volume of another popular Binance exchange ($ 1.9 billion).

In April, the exchange announced the opening of an office in Malta, expressing confidence that the opening of a new office in the territory of this island will should provide the basis for future development of OKEx exchange.
In the past, several unpleasant incidents have been associated with OKEx. For example, the cryptotrader Sylvain Ribes conducted his own research. According to its results, a significant part of the trading volumes of exchanges OKEx and Huobi is nothing more than falsification.

“Well… it turned out this was the obvious tendency, yes. But where I had expected mild differences between currencies, I found ridiculously massive discrepancies between exchanges. Not the kind that can be easily hand-waved away (“oh well, their users must behave differently”), but the kind that can only be explained by some figures being overstated as much as 95%”.
The leading exchange in that research was OKex, currently ranked number 1 exchange by volume on both CoinMarketCap and LiveCoinWatch websites.
Source: Bloomberg

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