Ripple Overcame Historical Milestone Of $1

While all the attention of the public is focused on the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, there are lot of tokens that show much more confident growth. One of them is Ripple (XRP).

December was quite revealing for this cryptocurrency. The first jump took place Dec. 12-13 when the price increased 84%—from $0.27 to $0.51 reached $1.12 by the Dec. 26.

XRP became the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization nowadays.
There are some reasons for this growth.
After the stunning growth of the Bitcoin in November-December, cryptocurrency market has attracted a lot of attention. New investors started to enter the market and to buy altcoins with lower price. Moreover, recently company announced new partnerships with American Express and immediately it has created a sense of reliable service for investors. In addition to such successful alliances, Ripple is actively engaged in promotion in the Media.

Last week, company hired Tom Channik, who used to work as corporate communications manager for Facebook’s advertising and business integrity unit.
The Asian region plays an important role in the strategy. Last year Ripple has concluded the agreement with SBI Holdings to launch SBI Ripple Asia to serve markets in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan. As Ken Rapoza said – Asian traders are “going mad” for the digital currency.

One of the most important step Ripple can make in the close future. There are rumors that Coinbase is going to list this cryptocurrency for buying, selling, and trading. A lot of new buyers will start investing in Ripple.

What could lie ahead for XRP coin? We’’ll keep an eye out for the forecasts of analysts and supply you real time cryptocurrency market news

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