Ripple Price Jumps By 18%. New Coinbase Listing Rumors

The Ripple price increased by 18% over the past 24 hours, showing the largest growth among the top ten cryptocurrencies of the CoinMarketCap rating. At the same time, the entire top 10 coins is also traded in the green zone. According to the CoinMarketCap, the average Ripple (XRP) rate is $ 1.07. The market capitalization of the crypto currency has reached $ 41 billion.

Coinbase Rumors

Ripple price growth was caused by a new wave of rumors about the early listing of a XRP to the biggest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. In the near future, the exchange will increase of personnel, and 90 of them will start working today. Some investors connect this event with a likely expansion of the list of traded cryptocurrencies.
It is not the first time when such information appears in cryptocurrency community. But each time the company refutes it and price falls. It is possible that something like this is taking place in the current situation, as the cryptocurrency market often responds more actively to rumors than to the news.

New partnerships

Another possible reason for the Ripple price growth may be the recent success of Ripple in the Asian region. South Korean bank Woori is testing Ripple Blockchain technology for overseas remittances. Woori announced that the system will be put into operation next year. Shinhan, the second largest bank in South Korea, is also on the way to implementing Blockchain in its system. XRP is the most popular cryptocurrency in South Korea.

Ripple Prediction

Technologist Joseph Rachinsky claims that if Coinbase adds Ripple coin to its list, it will push Ripple price to $5.
“In my opinion, this can happen if Coinbase adds it to its trading pairs. I assume that the decision will be made in the coming months, if they add it, the XRP will fly to the skies, and I think that this will affect all cryptornics. ”
Cryptocurrency experts increasingly agree that by the end of this year the Ripple (XRP) rate will reach $ 5-16.
The most ambitious forecast belongs to Samson Williams, CSO of the Irish firm Fintech SeedUps. He predicts that by the end of 2018 Ripple price will reach $16.

“This is not a digital currency, it’s a child of banks. Thanks to this, he will get a natural blow from the recession in 2018”, Williams said.
News about Ripple partnerships appears almost every week. The most significant event in the last two weeks was the testing the xRapid product by Western Union.

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