TapJets Adds Litecoin For Flight Booking

The world’s largest private jet booking platform, TapJet adds Litecoin for flight booking. TapJet has announced to customers in its Twitter blog.

The TapJets survey

On May 15, TapJets launched a vote on Twitter. The subject of the survey was the cryptocurrency, which the platform will use for electronic payments. Users liked Ripple and Litecoin most of all.
The survey drew public attention. About 57,000 users expressed their thoughts. Cryptocurrency Ripple became the leader of the vote with a share of 44 percent of the vote. The second place went to Litecoin with 35 percent of the vote. The management of TapJets promised to take into account the wishes of users.
Due to its low tariffs, the TapJets is considered to be the Uber counterpart in the air transportation industry. Litecoin, Verge and Ripple communities expected that it is their coin that will be the winner of the contest.

TapJets Adds Litecoin

Today, on May 31, TapJets announced the winner.

“Looking to book a private jet with #LTC we got you covered. Great collaboration with Charlie Lee and #PayWithLitecoin movement”

Ceo of the platform consider Litecoin to be a safe and reliable cryptocurrency. That’s why TapJets customers can now book a private flight with LTC and go on a flight without waiting for the transaction to complete on the blockchain.  Users can make payment in LTC  directly from  smartphone.
Earlier, in addition to traditional payments via credit cards and bank transfers, the TapJets accepted only bitcoin and Ethereum as payment.

As the Litecoin network founder Charlie Lee wrote in Twitter, it took only two weeks to implement the idea of the platform. Also, according to Lee, speed, liquidity and ease of integration make Litecoin an ideal cryptocurrency for payments.

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