Tron Mainnet Launch Is Set To Go Live Today

The Tron mainnet  with name Odyssey 2.0 , will official launch on May 31 at 12 am UTC, initiating the first step in moving the $4 billion cryptocurrency to an independent network.

Tron Mainnet Launch

For most of June, the network will remain in beta mode, which will give developers the opportunity to configure their wallets and browsers before it actually works. Migration of the token will take place from June 21 to June 24. At this time, users will have to place their ERC20-tokens on supported cryptocurrency exchanges in order to get an equivalent amount of TRX on the new blockchain.

The transfer will end on June 25. The developers called this day the “Independence Day”, when “Genesis block” will spread over the network. Finally, we will check the investor’ predictions that Tron will be an “Ethereum killer”.

Tron founder Justin Sun said in a statement:

“The independence of our protocol is a crucial step in ushering in the next phase of the internet through democratization and decentralization. Our team maintains a high standard of excellence as we head towards becoming a mainstream public blockchain. The move of the TRON Protocol to MainNet makes it easier for developers to break away from Ethereum and opens up new doors towards better scaling, commercialization and express lanes needed for global dApp development.”

Until now, the Tron functioned exclusively as an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. It has confidently grown in terms of market cap, despite the loud arguments and the fact that the cryptocurrency network has not even been launched. In this context, TRX is not unique. EOS cryptocurrency attracted about $ 4 billion during the last year ICO and is also preparing to move to its own blockchain in June. It is noteworthy that the optimism surrounding the launch of the Tron Mainnet did not affected Tron (TRX) rate. At the moment TRX is losing 5.5% and is trading for $ 0.06. It indicates a reticence of public opinion and investors to rumors and speculation about further growth.

Community Opinion

Some Reddit users were even slightly skeptical about opening the Tron Mainnet and believe that one should be more cautious, calling the launch a real feat for TRON. The tokens are not officially replaced, and the election of Super Representatives to achieve consensus has not yet taken place. In fact, this is a configuration file, changed from a testnet to a mainnet. The test network will work for another 3 weeks before the full replacement of the tokens and the completion of the election.

In one of the latest tweets, Justin Sun said that he hoped that the election of Super Representatives, scheduled for June 26, would become the gold standard of the blockchain management. The founder of TRON thanked John McAfee for his attention to the project.

On May 29, McAfee, on his own Twitter page, offers TRX holders to vote for Team Tronics, and the main argument is that the team has beautiful women who promised to give their phone number. A such style of messages is is essential for McAfee. One Twitter user drew attention to the fact that representatives of TRON participate in the elections, which is very similar to the situation if Google collaborated with Google.

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