Uphold Supports Ripple XRP Ledger

Mobile payments startup Uphold supports Ripple XRP Ledger. On Thursday, Uphold announced that it had completed integrating the XRP ledger to its platform. This will allow users to work with XRP addresses directly through the application, the company said in a press release.

Uphold Supports XRP Ledger

With this new option, Uphold users can now make deposits, withdraw and transfer XRP to other addresses through the application.
“Uphold has now satisfied an increasing need to provide its members with full access to Ripple’s fast-growing ecosystem,” the Uphold press release states.
The chief revenue officer, Robin O’Connell, noted that the company is the first in the US who provided users with full access to Ripple. He called integration an important key point.
“Expanding our offering to include full connectivity to the XRP ledger was the clear next step. This space is becoming crowded with new wallets popping up, offering access to cryptos, but, if you read the fine print, they’re not selling the actual cryptocurrency and arguably having a negative impact on the market.”

Uphold allows users to buy XRP through bank transfer, debit and credit cards and other payment methods, the company said in a statement.
Uphold announced its plans for the integration of XRP in March, adding the possibility of buying and selling this token.
So in honor of that fact, the startup management introduced zero charges for the purchase and sale of new coins. The zero commissions promo will last until the platform reaches a turnover of 5 million XRP.
According to representatives of Uphold, before to add the new digital currency, a user survey were conducted on the social network Twitter. The users supported Rippleā€™s position by an overwhelming majority.
In addition to XRP, by now the Uphold platform supports seven different cryptocurrencies and 23 fiat currencies.

Gemini and Coinbase denied Ripple

We recall that previously two US cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and Coinbase denied Ripple in the listing, which can not but affect the company’s reputation. Nevertheless, Ripple management does not lose hope to achieve the desired result and is ready to invest in the implementation of its plans. Against this background, cooperation with Uphold can play a role and become decisive for further steps in the development of Ripple.

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