Weiss Ratings Releases New Cryptocurrency Rating

Weiss Ratings releases new cryptocurrency rating with 93 cryptocurrencies. It provided open access to the list. Not a single coin was rated “excellent”.

Cryptocurrency Rating

Weiss Ratings, which is the only financial rating agency publishing reviews of cryptocurrencies, has posted an open access list of 93 cryptocurrencies.
Representatives of the agency for the first time talked about two key criteria for assessing coins: the first is the Technology/Adoption, and the second is risk/reward ratio.

The founder of the agency Martin D. Weiss noted that these two parameters are of interest to developers and investors:

“The overall Weiss Rating is based on a complex algorithm — not simply an average of the two component grades. At this stage in the industry’s transition to newer technologies, it remains extremely difficult for any one coin to achieve top scores across the board. Older generation coins with broader adoption typically lag in technology. Alternative coins with more advanced technology lag in adoption. And none currently have a risk-reward balance that’s comparable to many traditional investments.”

However, the rating is not constructed as an average of two factors, but involves a more sophisticated calculation algorithm, which the company does not disclose.

Among the cryptocurrencies with $ 5 billion market cap or more, only seven received a “B” and above: Bitcoin, Cardano, EOS, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar and TRON.

Cryptocurrencies with $100 million market cap – Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private and ReddCoin – were awarded the “D” mark, and the leader among the weakest coins was the Electroneum (E +).

None of the 93 cryptocurrencies did not get A, A + or A- (excellent), 14 got B or B-  rating (good), 54 as C, C + or C- , 16 got D, D + and D- (weak), and 9 got E, E + and E- (very weak).

January Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating

The official Weiss Rating release took place on January 24, 2018 and included 74 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has received a C + rating due to scalability issues that the community has not released in recent years. Obviously, the rating may change if the revaluation takes place considering the launch of the Lightning network and the popularization of SegWit, which is now being adopted on the most important platforms.
Rating B received Ethereum, B- deserved Cardano and Neo, and Bitcoin Cash – C-. Rating D received Novacoin and Salus. Other popular cryptocurrency Ripple got only C rating.

February Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating

On February 23, Weiss Ratings published its second rating.
According to new report leaked online, A- rating received NEO. Other notable ratings from the alleged report include:
Bitcoin (BTC) C+
Cardano (ADA) B-
Decred (DCR) B-
Ethereum (ETH) B+
Lisk (LISK) B
Ripple (XRP) B+

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