World Blockchain Summit Singapore

On 19-20 July 2018 the World Blockchain Summit will take place in Singapore.
World Blockchain Summit Singapore is one of the main event of the year. It aims to connect global blockchain experts, technology innovators, investors and startups in this industry – with regional business and IT leaders from across the world. They will hold a debate on the nature of blockchain and its many opportunities to improve efficiency in every business process.

International and regional blockchain experts will talk about the pros and cons of adopting new technology, especially in the Singapore market. Each participant can become a part of panel discussions, technical negotiations, discussions about the potential of blockchain to change the global financial system.
The Summit provides a unique platform for launching blockchain startups from around the world. It will be possible to demonstrate their innovative technologies to global investors and technology players, helping them to properly invest and ensure the development of their business.

Key speakers at World Blockchain Summit Singapore

Charles Hoskinson, chief executive officer at IOHK and co-founder at Ethereum
Alex Medana, co-founder and chief executive officer at FinFabrik
Ted Lin, head of International Markets at Binance
Andrew Pal, chief strategy officer at GSX Group
Vanessa Grellet, executive director at ConsenSys

Featured discussion

Future of the Tokenomics
Regulatory Threats & Opportunities
Blockchain and the Future of Banking
Proof of Concept
Impact of Blockchain Technology in Private and Public Sector
Benefits of Smart Contracts

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